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We can deliver ASAP or at a specified time for exe: documents, parcels, flowers.

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Premium Express Delivery in Ghana

Speed Ntem Deliveries is a product/document delivery service that serves the better part of Accra and surrounding areas. The primary focus of Speed Ntem Deliveries is to provide you with the fastest courier delivery service so you can increase your customer satisfaction. Whether you need same-day pick up or same-day delivery, you can book online or with your mobile app 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With Speed Ntem Deliveries, you are guaranteed the highest rated courier to expeditiously serve you. Do you have a business that needs a beck and call courier service? Look at what Speed Ntem Deliveries has to offer.

90 min

We can deliver ASAP or at a specified time for exe: documents, parcels, flowers.

Ghc 5

Our Rate starts at Ghc 5 for each address within Accra, Ghana

Speed Ntem Deliveries is revolutionizing express deliveries service

You can book a delivery without needing to create an account or signing any contract. Just provide us with the phone numbers of the sender and receiver and leave the rest to us!

We send courier's phone number to the contact person via SMS at each delivery point.

We calculate the delivery charge immediately after you fill in our online form. You no longer need to call and ask for quotes.

Professional and dedicated riders will always be available upon request. We assign the nearest rider with the highest rating to ensure a reliable delivery service.

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